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A new research platform to satisfy your informational needs

Inspec Direct provides researchers with a better way to drive discovery and innovation – it is the information solution that every corporate, industrial, government and academic researcher should be using.

Whether you're a design engineer looking for innovative technology solutions or a scientific researcher searching for current developments, Inspec Direct provides desktop access to the world's most definitive bibliographic database covering the scientific and engineering fields.

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Why use Inspec Direct?


Stimulate innovation
You can get access to critical and timely information to aid your research priorities. Inspec Direct allows you to review work from your peers to broaden your insight and inspire ideas for key business opportunities. Getting direct desktop access to Inspec's powerful database will lead you to the essential information necessary to accelerate research and spearhead future innovations.


Stay ahead of the competition
Inspec Direct delivers fast and accurate intelligence that will keep you abreast of your competitor's latest research and development breakthroughs. Receive customised weekly alerts via RSS or email containing the key data you need to maintain your competitive edge.


Save time and effort
Finding relevant quality information is not always easy and that's where Inspec can help. Indexed by scientists and engineers, you get desktop access to over 10 million abstracts and indexing to quality and peer-reviewed literature much quicker and more accurately. Combined with a powerful and sophisticated search engine interface, Inspec can save you vital time and effort allowing you to concentrate on the key project areas that matter.


Monitor technology trends
Technological developments can be tracked using the Inspec Direct 'Analyse' tool which allows you to mine retrieved data, ranking the occurrences on a wide range of parameters. The information can be exported for further analysis, and combined with a visualisation tool, will display instant graphical data, allowing you to monitor technology trends and stay at the cutting edge of your specialty.


Avoid research duplication
Search over 110 years of scientific and engineering literature to identify work carried out by researchers past and present to help you to avoid duplicating research. You will be able to speed up your development process, eliminate unnecessary expenditure and avoid the possibility of patent infringement.


Streamline information overload
Inspec Direct increases productivity by allowing you to cut through the 'noise' and irrelevant information that free web search engines generate and get straight to what you need, quickly and efficiently. This powerful research tool provides references to millions of high quality; relevant peer reviewed articles, conference proceedings and technical reports via sophisticated indexing and search features – critical references that can't be found using free search engines.

Content and coverage

  • Physics
  • Electrical & electronic engineering
  • Communications
  • Computer science
  • Control Engineering
  • Information technology

Features and functionality 

  • Powerful searching
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Browse Inspec taxonomies
  • Advanced results processing
  • Personalisation and more
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