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Mercury has a molten core

Ground-based radar measurements combined with Mariner 10 gravity determinations have shown that the planet Mercury rotates in a way that indicates that it has a mantle decoupled from a core which is at least partially frozen.


Applied Physics

Long spin-relaxation times in organic nanowire spin valve

Researchers have found extremely long spin-relaxation times in organic semiconducting nanowire spin valves. These devices are well suited to applications in spintronics, an emerging field of nanoscale electronics which involves the detection and manipulation of electron spin.



Innovations in technology are being used for design and development in public settings in the SHAPE project 

The SHAPE project is about using innovative technologies in public settings, and in particular museums. This article describes the design orientation, gives examples of museum exhibitions in different European countries and looks at the broader implications for computing.


Power Engineering

Smart consumers should read on

Smart metering could help people cut their energy bills. More informative displays on these advanced utility meters will let the consumer see how much power they are using in their home. Remote reading is also usual for these meters, which will cut down on bill estimation and house calls. These new features will help customers reduce their energy consumption.


Production Engineering

Ethanol as an alternative fuel

As petroleum reserves are fast being depleted, ethanol is becoming an important alternative liquid fuel resource. A lot of research is now going on into its fermentation. This review looks at the major waste sources, agricultural, industrial and urban, which could be used for producing ethanol in a profitable but environmentally friendly way.

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