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New features in Inspec

Inspec has added two new features to assist customers with their searches.

International Patent Classification (IPC) Codes

Inspec is now mapping its own indexing schemes to the WIPO IPC scheme enabling IPC symbols to be assigned to relevant records.

The Inspec implementation of IPC codes is a valuable tool for the prior art searcher, allowing the ready clustering of relevant non-patent literature within the same familiar code structure used for patents. This functionality can be used for Inspec records all the way back to 1969. Initial trials indicate that about 75% of Inspec records will contain IPC codes, and that the average record with these codes will have two assigned to it.

The IPC scheme and Inspec do not cover exactly the same conceptual territory or approach. Consequently the level of precision of the IPC symbols applied varies depending on the relationships between the schemes and specific subjects themselves.

To assist customers with their searches, a number of support resources are available, including a list of IPC codes. Inspec support resources can be downloaded from the main Inspec site.


Video presentations in Inspec

Inspec now indexes video presentations of conferences and other events from the websites of a variety of organisations; including nearly 5,500 videos from the IET website -


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