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The Inspec database has been used by researchers, scientists and academics for many years. Inspec users have given positive feedback about the database and how it has assisted them in their research projects. Hear from some of the candidates who have benefited from using Inspec.

University KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
"I've used Inspec since 1982, first on DIALOG and since the late 90s site licence. It’s simply the most important source for Physics and Engineering that I have ever used. Well done! Keep it up."

Catherine Dubbeld

BT Research Laboratories, UK
"We find Inspec invaluable because it covers all the best information sources in telecoms and computing. We trust it to keep our users informed and up-do-date so that they are more productive. There's no other paid for information tool as beneficial as Inspec - a definite must for researchers."

David Alsmeyer, Information Group Research Manager

State University of New York at Buffalo, US
"Top tier, in depth indexing."

A. Ben Wagner, Science Librarian

Lehigh University, US
"Inspec shows its true worth in the quality of its indexing, making it possible to find a small set of useful references instead of a large set of ‘possibles’ or an incomplete, random list. Research time is a precious commodity and researchers prefer to research, not search."

Sharon Siegler, Engineering Librarian

Major Southwestern University, US
"I have used Inspec for several years, initially as a Physical Science Librarian for physics information and most recently for computer science and electrical engineering research, and I have always found Inspec to be a very rich resource for scientific researchers."

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Librarian

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